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A set of C# Extension Methods and Classes for cleaner and easier code.


A set of C# Extension Methods.
  • DotNetExtras
    • Digital Information Size
    • File Path
    • DateTime
    • WPF
    • Iterator
    • LINQ ( Distinct with lambda )
    • Decimal

Also it contains useful code which is not included in library but may be usefull
  • DotNetSamples
    • XML Loading
    • AllErrorBuilder
    • String Extensions
    • LINQ ( Group on Multiple Column )
    • Deep Copy
    • MVVM Dialog ( My Realisation)
    • Uri Helper

I put some interesting samples or my labs that helps your understand .NET more deeply
  • DotNetLearning
    • Interview Tasks ( Struct vs Class, Fast Alg, MVP DB Sample )


Very often we need to show file size in a good looking format. It can be size of images or e-mail attachments. Now you can do it very simple:

var fi = new FileInfo(path);
//100 bytes -> 100 byte(s)
//5 000 bytes -> 4,88 KB            
//10 000 000 ->  9,54 MB
var fileSize = DigitalInfoSize.FromBytesToUnitWithShortestSize(fi.Length).ToString();

(will be there )


DotNetExtras Documentation
DotNetSamples Documentation
DotNetLearning Documentation


You can use it in a commercial and non commercial product.

This is a list of useful Microsoft Labs I know.

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